Treating the three vital functions of hair

Clauderer treatments rebalance the hair's three vital functions to prevent hair loss, particularly in women. The birth and development of hair (keratinisation) depend on three vital functions: Elimination - Circulation - Regeneration. If these functions are unbalanced, the hair thins, falls out prematurely and its lifespan shortens more and more rapidly. Clauderer treatments aim to rebalance these three functions and prove that by simply rebalancing them locally, your hair will regain a normal life cycle and your hair loss problem are stabilised.


When the hair's three vital functions are balanced, keratinisation takes place without any obstacles, thanks to the synthesis of elements supplied by the blood: sulphur proteins, vitamins, zinc, iron, etc. life cycle The hair process proceeds normally and each time a hair falls out, it is immediately replaced by another of equal calibre.


constantly draws sebum away from the scalp, lubricating and protecting the hair.

sends blood rich in substances essential to hair growth to the hair root.

re-engages a new hair each time the previous one reaches the end of its life cycle.

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But the blood can also carry messages that are contrary to hair development. These messages, whether they come from an androgenetic or thyroid problem, stress or any other factor, are all negative information that will unbalance the three vital functions of the hair and therefore shorten its life cycle.


Instead of flowing all the way through the hair, the sebum stagnates under the scalp, seeping into the hair follicle and generating cellular waste.
This waste clumps up around the roots, suffocating them and restricting their living space. It is therefore essential to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

The blood circulates a deadly hormone in the hair follicle: DHT, a powerful derivative of testosterone.
The messages sent by this hormone force the hair follicles to go through life cycles more and more quickly. With each new cycle, the follicles shrink in size and blood penetrates less and less effectively to the roots.

Under the influence of DHT, problems cascade:

  • Early degeneration of capillary cells.
  • Progressive root atrophy.
  • Thinner and thinner hair.
  • Eventually, the hair follicle, exhausted by being produced too quickly, can no longer regenerate. It ends up producing nothing but fuzz, and then nothing at all.

² For the record hair loss in men represent more than 95 % of cases of male pattern baldness and more than 90% of cases of female pattern baldness. hair loss in women.


The Clauderer approach consists of returning to the fundamentals of hair and restoring its three vital functions locally. This is because the scalp is one of the best-irrigated parts of the body, and is the royal road to the hair's reproductive cells.

The Clauderer treatment cleanses the follicles in which the diseased roots grow, and drains the sebaceous waste from the follicle, which is a real handicap to root development.

The treatment increases blood flow to the roots by promoting the dilation of blood vessels at the entrance to and around the hair follicle (perifollicular collagen).
It also provides the developing hair with sulphur proteins and hair vitamins.

The treatment regenerates the hair-producing cells with tested anti-androgenic molecules that neutralise the damage caused by DHT.
Action of Serums 6R and 7R on the life cycle of your hair
The hair's life cycle returns to its normal growth rate and new hairs follow on from previous ones without any latency period.
Your hair regrows with renewed strength.

Tests carried out by Stéphanie Morot, a doctor in cell biology at Besançon University Hospital. Her conclusions are clear: "when Serums 6R and 7R are applied, the growth rate of hair cells is more than doubled and is in no way disrupted by the action of DHT".


Because good keratinisation presupposes balanced vital functions and must be reflected in a beautiful root, our benchmarks are the vital functions of your hair and the size of your roots. We monitor their progress throughout the four months of your contract treatment.


Each of the three vital functions of your hair is assessed three times during your treatment, on a scale from 1 to 5 (see below).

Vital-function scale

1st assessment
An initial evaluation is carried out by a Clauderer specialist during your Clauderer In-depth Diagnosis: this will serve as a reference to assess the progress of your hair.

The ELIMINATION scale assesses how well your sebum is draining from your scalp and whether or not there are impurities around your roots.

The CIRCULATION scale assesses the irrigation of your roots, through the progression of their size.

The REGENERATION scale assesses the quantity and quality of your regrowth.

2nd assessment after 2 months
Your Clauderer specialist assesses how the three vital functions of your hair have progressed. She checks whether the roots are cleaner (ELIMINATION), whether the keratin caliber has begun to thicken (CIRCULATION) and whether new growth is underway (REGENERATION).

3rd assessment after 4 months
At the end of your 4-month treatment, a final check-up will show the results of your treatment. At this stage, your hair's vital functions will be back in balance. Your hair's life cycle will have returned to normal.

Monitoring the 3 vital functions of your hair and roots are real benchmarks that allow you and your Clauderer specialist to monitor your hair's progress with rigour and objectivity.

These assessments also allow us to commit to precise results, provided, of course, that you follow the treatment protocol we set for you. At the end of your four-month treatment, we will recommend a new contract for you to either optimize the results you have already obtained or maintain these results.

Jean-François Cabos

Jean-François Cabos is the creator of a unique hair care method based on the research he coordinated, which led to the publication of the book "Cheveux, Racines de Vie" with Hélène Clauderer by Robert Laffont (Collection "Réponses/ Santé").

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