About us

We're the only hair Centre to provide an effective anti-hair loss treatment. At the turn of the century, considerable advances in molecular biology encouraged us to develop two complementary anti-hair loss products, serums 6R and 7R, whose exclusive complexes have been proven effective by Professor Herbein's team at the Faculty of Medicine in Besançon.

Each case is unique and we take the time to look after each and every one of you:

  • preliminary diagnosis of your hair,
  • defining the objectives to be achieved 
  • offer a contract with a fixed price from day one
  • personalised care protocol
  • regular monitoring and measurement of your results 

Clauderer products

You won't find Clauderer products anywhere else. We don't just sell products. We work with our customers to help them solve their hair problems. Our products are made in France and contain only natural ingredients. 

Clauderer and you

Your on-site or remote diagnosis includes an electron microscope study of the roots and keratin of your hair. This examination enables us to make a realistic prognosis of the progress you are entitled to and to commit ourselves to precise results. 98.8 % of our customers are satisfied and our commitments are kept. Don't let your hair go to waste: ask us to take care of your hair by appointment or remotely.

3 generations passionate about the health of your hair

  • High-performance, unrivalled active ingredients

    For the first time, molecular biology is providing an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms involved in hair loss and, above all, is enabling the Clauderer team to develop active ingredients with proven, hitherto unrivalled performance.

    June 2013
  • Clauderer contracts

    While it is not yet possible to regrow hair where there is none left, Clauderer does know that it is possible to ensure that every hair that falls out is replaced by a hair that is at least as thick. So everyone can keep their hair capital. Clauderer therefore launched "Clauderer Contracts": for a fixed price determined from day one, Clauderer specialists now help their customers to keep their hair.

  • Birth of the Clauderer brand

    In 1968, Hélène and the second generation decided to launch Clauderer, a more exclusive brand essentially dedicated to wrestling. against hair loss and hair regrowth.
    A pioneer in this field, Clauderer uses not only essential oils, but also extracts of rare plants to create your own haircare products.

  • The Furterer legacy

    Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly, the Shah of Iran... The biggest names on the political scene and in show business flock to the Furterer family hairdressing salon opposite the Elysée Palace, which has just created the first plant-based haircare products to repair and maintain the beauty of hair damaged by perms. It's a growing success.