Clauderer products for hair growth and care

A complete range of natural anti-hair loss products

Centre Clauderer is committed to offering you innovative products to help your hair grow and reveal its natural beauty, while complying with the highest quality standards.

Made in France and guaranteed natural*, our products are the result of many years of research into hair cosmetics.

To keep you well informed, we have listed each Clauderer product on this page with: a list of its active ingredients, its curative or cosmetic role and instructions for use.

Numerous solutions for growing hair have existed since the dawn of time. Nowadays, science and technology complement a range of traditional hair treatments. Results vary depending on the hair regrowth product, and don't always live up to our expectations.

As a team, we are proud of our expertise in natural hair care, the effectiveness of which has been demonstrated by several clinical tests. We have developed a hair loss treatment method that has been tried and tested by thousands of customers over several decades.

What advice do you have for hair regrowth?

The central idea behind an effective treatment to stimulate hair growth is a thorough understanding of how hair works. In a nutshell, hair undergoes 3 phases of development (see the hair life cycle), but this development within the hair follicle can be hindered by a multitude of endogenous or exogenous factors (cf. alopecia: causes, consequences and solutions). Everything therefore starts with the hair follicle, the matrix of healthy hair... or not. As a result, any product designed to help hair grow must treat the hair follicle. hair follicles. In these conditions, an anti-hair loss shampoo is hardly credible, since the product will - fortunately - remain on the surface and wash the scalp and lengths. Beware of false promises.

An effective anti-hair loss product works subcutaneously. To do this, it must be able to penetrate the epidermis. If the scalp is oily, suffocated by dandruff or skin flakes, this layer of cellular waste can slow down the penetration of anti-hair loss active ingredients. Healthy hair cannot grow properly if the scalp is in poor condition. This is why we recommend a 2-step anti-hair loss treatment :

  • Purify the scalp with a purifying lotion (cf. Laits) whose active ingredients can have a complementary targeted action depending on the type of scalp (oily, normal, sensitive, etc.).
  • Treat the hair follicles "from the inside out" using serums concentrated in anti-hair loss active ingredients. Depending on the severity of the hair loss, your hair specialist will recommend a different serum (cf. serum N°6R and serum N°7R). Please note that Activ'Croissance serum is an anti-hair loss product specially formulated for Afro or mixed-race hair with specific needs.


If Lait + Serum are the basis of an effective hair loss treatment, taking care of your hair in general is part of an overall approach that should not be neglected for the beauty and health of your hair. With our expertise, you can optimise the effects of your anti-hair loss treatment and bring new life into dull, weakened hair. You'll have strong, soft, shiny, growing hair for a long time to come, thanks to our advice!

Shampoo, a gesture not to be underestimated

For us, "good shampoo" doesn't mean "stripping shampoo"! On the contrary, to respect the hair fibre, it's best to use a gentle shampoo, as natural as possible, with a cleansing base that won't attack the hair and/or scalp. Just one wash, a long rinse with lukewarm or even cold water, and you're ready to style. For Afro hair, which is naturally very dry, a twice-monthly wash with a mild cleanser is recommended. Crème lavante (more moisturising than a shampoo) is all you need. You can also try our homemade recipes: cf homemade shampoos for frizzy hair. Here are some tips and tricks for successful shampooing: "shampooing properly ".

Of course, a successful hair routine wouldn't be complete without a treatment for hair lengths. Whether you want to add volume to fine or thinning hair, nourish dehydrated, dry and brittle hair, repair damage caused by frequent straightening or relaxing, or redefine tired curls, pre- or post-shampoo care is essential for a style in top form. Nourishing creams or masks based on carefully selected plant oils, proteins and essential oils, Clauderer products are specially formulated to meet every hair need!

Useful tips for accelerating hair growth :

  • Opt for a skincare product containing castor oil, well known for its fortifying properties (Crème N°25Crème N°26RBalm No. 57).
  • Essential oils of rosemary (Lait N°1R) and sweet orange (serum N°6R) will stimulate growth and encourage cell renewal. A few drops in a vegetable oil (castor, olive, etc.) will work in synergy to maximise the stimulating effects.
  • Boost the effectiveness of your hair mask by leaving it on your hair for at least 30 minutes. Don't hesitate to wrap your hair in a warm towel to help the active ingredients penetrate.
  • Thinning frizzy hair: to redensify hair and prevent breakage, there's nothing like an oil bath (jojoba, castor oil, etc.) before shampooing. You can combine several plant oils.

Clauderer applies the same rigorous standards to its hair care products and shampoos. With 100% plant-based cleansing bases, our shampoos are truly ultra-gentle (a term often overused), tested to minimise the risk of allergy, and pH neutral. But that doesn't stop them from being totally effective. They leave hair clean, of course, allow frequent or even daily washing, and meet the specific needs of each hair type: volume for fine hair, shine for dull hair, purifying for greasy hair, moisturisers for frizzy hair, ...

The very small amount of non-plant substances in Clauderer products are synthetic preservatives, which exist in nature but for which researchers have not yet found a method of extraction.

Most Clauderer preservatives are certified "ECOLOGICAL and ORGANIC" by ECOCERT, a private inspection and certification body recognised by the public authorities. It provides this label for producers who comply with precise specifications in terms of organic farming and sustainable development.

  • Bottle of Clauderer Serum n°7R, proven effective against hair loss, prolongs hair life

    Serum N°7R

    Helps neutralise hair loss. Prolongs hair life.

  • Bottle of Clauderer Serum n°6R, neutralises hair loss and boosts cellular activity

    Serum N°6R

    Anti-hair loss care. Boosts cellular activity and hair regrowth.

  • Bottle of Clauderer Serum n°10, strongly stimulates hair growth

    Serum N°10

    Helps neutralise hair loss. Prolongs hair life.

  • Bottle of Lait n°3R Clauderer, soothes the scalp, eliminates dandruff and itching

    Lait N°3R

    Eliminates dandruff and itching. Deeply moisturises the scalp.

  • Bottle of Lait n°3 Clauderer, a natural product to soothe and moisturise the scalp.

    Lait No. 3

    Scalp care. Deeply moisturises the scalp.

  • Bottle of Lait n°1R Clauderer, anti-dandruff and anti-inflammatory.

    Lait N°1R

    Scalp care. Eliminates dandruff and itching. Helps regulate sebum.

  • Jar of Racines Plus Clauderer capsules, dietary supplement, stimulates hair growth

    Racines Plus capsules

    Food supplement. Regenerates your hair at the root.

  • Bottle of Clauderer No. 21 Shampoo, for gently cleansing fragile, fine hair

    Emulsion N°21

    Cleansing complex for fragile hair Respects the sensitivity of the scalp. Makes hair manageable and shiny.

  • Bottle of Clauderer Shampoo n°19, for gently washing dry, delicate hair

    Emulsion N°19

    Washing complex for very dry, delicate hair. Hair conditioner. Facilitates detangling and styling. Gives shine to...

  • Bottle of Clauderer No. 18 Shampoo, for gently washing fine hair

    Emulsion N°18

    Cleansing complex for fine hair. Gives volume, tone and light to hair. Makes detangling easier.

  • Bottle of Clauderer Shampoo n°19, for perfectly cleansing delicate hair

    Emulsion N°17

    Cleansing complex for delicate hair. Gently cleanses and purifies hair. Leaves hair shiny and light.

  • Bottle of Crème n°26R Clauderer, repairs and moisturises hair keratin

    Crème N°26R

    Moisturises, nourishes and repairs hair keratin. High penetrating power. Makes detangling easier.

  • Bottle of Clauderer Cream n°25, ideal for fine, dry hair, biodegradable packaging

    Crème N°25

    Care for fine, dull hair. Restructures, softens, gives volume and smoothness to hair.

  • Pot de Baume n°56 Clauderer, ideal repair for dry hair

    Baume N° 56

    Healing balm for very dry, curly or frizzy hair. Moisturising complex, enriched with proteins to penetrate deep into the keratin...

  • Pot de Baume n°57 Clauderer, styling and healing balm for frizzy and devitalized hair

    Baume No. 57

    Styling balm for frizzy, lifeless hair. Nourishes, repairs and leaves hair shiny.

  • Bottle of Clauderer Activ'Growth Serum, activates growth and strengthens hair


    Accelerates hair growth. Strengthens hair. Moisturises the scalp.

Answers to your questions about Clauderer products

How do I obtain Clauderer products?

To benefit from a comprehensive anti-hair loss treatment, the first step is to carry out a hair diagnosis.
Before we can offer you any of our products, we need to carry out a diagnosis of your hair. Our treatments are not one-size-fits-all, they take into account each particular problem and the analysis of your hair allows us to advise you on the care protocol best suited to your case.

How can I find out more about Clauderer hair diagnosis?

Find all the information you need about Clauderer hair diagnosis on our page : Diagnosis

* What does "natural" mean?

According to the ARPP code (Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité), a cosmetic product can only be described as 'natural' and advertised as such if the finished product contains a minimum of 95 % of ingredients defined as natural or 'of natural origin', according to the rules in use (the European Union, in this case). Source: New Cosmetics Products Code - ARPP 2009, updated in October 2013. Beware of misleading promises on cosmetic product labels, as many brands circumvent the ARPP rules. For example, a product may claim: "NATURAL ROSEMARY SHAMPOO 100%" and deceive consumers with impunity, leading them to believe that the product is entirely natural. In fact, it is only the highlighted ingredient (in this case rosemary) that is often no more than 1% of the total composition that is involved.