Clauderer 6R and 7R Anti Hair Loss Serums

A decisive step forward in the fight against hair loss!

Jean-François Cabos, Scientific Coordinator at the Clauderer Centre, explains how clinical tests conducted by Stéphanie Morot, Doctor of Molecular Biology, established the formal proof that the 6R and 7R serum formulations supplanted the 5 % minoxidil formulation:

  1. "The growth rate of hair cells is more than doubled with 6R Serum".
  2. "This growth rate is not disturbed by the action of DHT (androgens) when Serum 6R is applied.
  3. "The DHT-inhibiting effect of Serum 7R is greater than that of minoxidil at 5%, and increases with each application.

Doctor Stéphanie Morot


The 6R serum is a Hair Regrowth product for men and women, focusing on dense, constant keratin growth. In vitro objective tests carried out by APEX BIOSOLUTIONS (a laboratory associated with the Besançon University of Medicine in 2013) showed that this serum actively stimulated hair growth by protecting it from the androgenic hormone DHT (DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone).

These results have since been confirmed in an in vivo study of all Clauderer customers who started treatment in January 2018, which included at least 2 applications per week of 6R Serum for 4 months.

It should be noted that the negative impact of male hormones on the life of the hair results in atrophy of the hair roots and thinning of the hair itself. Measuring changes in root size and hair size (keratin) is therefore a relevant indicator of 6R Serum activity.

The results are indisputable. After 4 months of treatment:

  1. Hair root size increased by an average of 53%
  2. Hair thickness increased by an average of 21%

This shows that 4 months of treatment will have stopped the impoverishment of the hair and enabled the hair to develop a positive dynamic (increase in root size and hair thickness).


7R Serum is an anti-hair loss product for men and women, designed to keep hair in phase with its natural growth. anagen and prevent hair loss problems premature. In a second battery of tests carried out between January and February 2014, the performance of Serum 7R was compared with that of minoxidil at 5%, which is commonly prescribed for the treatment ofalopecia.

Results: the anti-hair loss action of Serum 7R is significantly more effective and faster than that of minoxidil 5 %. What's more, the 100 % plant bio-complexes CERES-1 and CERES-2 do not induce addiction or adverse effects, unlike what has been observed in some users of 5 % minoxidil (scalp irritation, hypertrichosis, allergic reactions, etc.).

As with Serum 6R, these results were confirmed by a study similar to that described in the previous paragraph (measuring changes in root size and hair calibre in a representative sample who had used Serum 7R topically at least twice a week for 4 months).

Once again, the results are in:

  1. Hair root size increased by an average of 72%
  2. Hair thickness increased by an average of 35%

Like Serum 6R, Serum 7R shows that when used regularly, it can stop hair loss and put hair back on the road to healthy development, regardless of heredity (male hormone activity).

You too can benefit from these scientific advances! Have an in-depth diagnosis of your hair carried out beforehand by one of the specialists at the Centre Clauderer.

Jean-François Cabos

Jean-François Cabos is the creator of a unique hair care method based on the research he coordinated, which led to the publication of the book "Cheveux, Racines de Vie" with Hélène Clauderer by Robert Laffont (Collection "Réponses/ Santé").

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