CERES 1 and 2 new Clauderer anti-hair loss active ingredients

Discovery of hair stem cells

In 2011, a major discovery completely overturned accepted ideas! Until then, it had been thought that a hair follicle that no longer produced hair was a dead follicle. But the University of Pennsylvania discovered the opposite: the hair follicles of individuals made bald by androgen activity (70% of men and 40% of women are affected, in a more or less severe form) contain as many hair stem cells as normally functioning hair follicles. These cells are present but they are no longer active.

But what processes lead these cells to slow down their activity, produce thinner and thinner hair, and then stop working? Numerous research laboratories around the world have decided to focus on understanding these mechanisms. Clauderer is forging links with these laboratories and following the progress of the research. Little by little, we began to identify certain messenger proteins that instruct the stem cells to start producing new hair. We are also detecting other proteins that disrupt and slow down hair growth, then stop it prematurely...

Clauderer research

At the same time, Clauderer is setting up its own research programme. Its aim was to identify plants with properties that would enable them to influence the messages received by stem cells, either to stimulate them or to protect them from the negative messages they received. Once these plants have been selected, Clauderer blends them in very precise proportions, and the results are beyond expectations!

These plant combinations (now known as CERES-1 and CERES-2) produce exceptional effects, far superior to the best results obtained to date by other hair loss treatments on the market, in particular minoxidil.

Jean-François Cabos

Jean-François Cabos is the creator of a unique hair care method based on the research he coordinated, which led to the publication of the book "Cheveux, Racines de Vie" with Hélène Clauderer by Robert Laffont (Collection "Réponses/ Santé").

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