Hair diagnosis

Your personalised hair diagnosis

In-depth diagnosis of your hair loss

A Clauderer specialist will first assess your hair problem (hair loss problem, thinning hair, etc.).

Under the microscope, a meticulous analysis of your hair roots and keratin completes the examination. The Clauderer specialist is then in a position to identify your problem as a whole, to understand its origin and to explain how to tackle it. This diagnosis is a prerequisite for any Clauderer treatment proposal.

Contractual treatment based on your results

Following the results of your diagnosis, your Clauderer specialist will suggest an anti-hair loss treatment based on the precise needs of your hair. This treatment, which is easy to carry out at home, is spread over 4 months. It is covered by a contract in which we make no false promises about the final results you will obtain, on the express condition that you follow your treatment protocol regularly. We also tell you the monthly budget you will need to spend on your treatment.

Clauderer follow-up

We then support you for the duration of your contract. We carry out regular checks to verify the results to which we have committed ourselves and, if necessary, we adapt your programme. 

Why put your trust in us?

  • 95% of our customers note the presence of very numerous and vigorous regrowth.
  • 77% of them see their hair loss stop after 4 months of treatment.
Jean-François Cabos, Centre Clauderer