Clauderer serum n°6R: an anti-hair loss serum

For the first time, an anti-hair loss serum has been launched on the market dedicated to androgenetic alopecia which acts on all phases of the hair cycle. The conclusions of Stéphanie Morot, Doctor of Cell Biology, who led the tests, are clear: "The action of androgens is inhibited by Serum 6R and the growth rate of hair cells is more than doubled with Serum 6R".

Neutralising and preventing androgenetic alopecia

6R Serum boosts complete molecular activity of hair-producing cells. The product of fantastic advances in molecular biology in the 2000s, Clauderer 6R serum achieves unrivalled performance.

By stimulating growth proteins and inhibiting the negative proteins produced by androgen hormones, this serum prevents or neutralises the development ofandrogenetic alopecia and is sparking a new hair regrowth. For neutralises the action of harmful proteins or on the contrary to potentiate those which are necessary to the life of a healthy hair, the Serum n°6R is composed of the exclusive CERES-1 bio-complex. This complex is made up of five plants (of which we are, of course, keeping the secret), each playing a specific role at a different time in the hair cycle.

The dote-antidote principle

In this way, molecule by molecule and according to the dote-antidote principle, antagonistic proteins work in synergy to neutralise your hair loss and regulate the regrowth of your keratin, as well as its sustainable growth.

For the record, androgenetic alopecia affects more than 70% from men and 40% from women, at some point in their lives... (Source: Departments of Dermatology of the Universities of New York and British Columbia - Vancouver). And the percentage would be even higher, if IFOP is to be believed: according to a study carried out in December 2014, on a sample of 1,005 men and women, representative of the French population, 79% of those questioned said they were losing their hair. Over the past 40 years, this proportion has risen steadily, probably because of our increasingly chemically processed diet and hyper-medicalisation.

Proof of the effectiveness of Serum n°6R against hair loss

The test protocol

The CERES-1 bio-complex in Clauderer Serum n°6R was tested between March and September 2013 in a microbiology laboratory associated with Besançon University Hospital. Hair cells were analysed in 4 different environments:

  1. A complex of cells in a DHT (androgen) free environment,
  2. A complex with DHT,
  3. A complex with DHT + a reference anti-hair loss product on the market (Minoxidil at 5%),
  4. Finally, a complex with DHT + CERES-1 from Serum 6R.

The natural complex was used as the basis for studying two aspects of the other three complexes: the stimulating action on the growth of keratinocytes (hair-making cells) and the inhibiting action on the hormone responsible for alopecia, DHT.

Test results

Not only does the Serum n°6R awakens 2 times more hair stem cells than Minoxidil 5%. Not only does it prevent them from being inhibited by androgen hormones, but above all it increases the speed of their development by a factor of 3, even in the presence of androgens.

These are the unequivocal conclusions of Dr MOROT, who conducted the study:

  1.  "The growth rate of hair cells is more than doubled with Serum n°6R",
  2.  "This growth rate is not disturbed by the action of DHT when Serum n°6R is applied",
  3.  "The DHT-inhibiting effect of Serum n°6R is visible after just 4 hours of treatment, and increases with each successive application".


With CERES-1, Clauderer has made a decisive advance in the treatment of androgen-induced hair loss. All the anti-hair loss and regrowth strategies put in place for Clauderer customers now incorporate Serum n°6R and its active ingredient, which is much more effective than any other.

Jean-François Cabos

Jean-François Cabos is the creator of a unique hair care method based on the research he coordinated, which led to the publication of the book "Cheveux, Racines de Vie" with Hélène Clauderer by Robert Laffont (Collection "Réponses/ Santé").

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