Action of Serums 6R and 7R on your hair cycles

Action throughout the life of your hair

Clauderer Serums n°6R and 7R will boost the cellular activity of your hair follicles, phase after phase, and rebalance your hair at every stage of its life cycle: from birth to shedding and renewal with new hair. The serums treat each of the key stages in the hair cycle.

Serum 6R is specially formulated to stimulate hair regrowth, while Serum 7R is more focused on combating hair loss.

The active plant ingredients in the two serums all converge towards a common goal: regulating the rhythm of androgenic hair cycles and normalising the hair loss. The different ways in which these active ingredients achieve this, far from duplicating each other, actually complement each other in a way that helps to inhibit androgens.

Depending on the stage of development your hair is at, each serum will STIMULE the right proteins or INHIBE the bad ones. Result: your hair regains its normal lifespan.
The white shadows represent the successive intervention zones of the plants in Clauderer Serums 6R and 7R.

Action of a Clauderer serum in detail, on hair proteins

Stimulates the VEGF protein in anagen phase 1. Consequence: the vascularisation of the papilla increases, blood circulates better in the follicle and new, vigorous regrowth is triggered.

INHIBE in anagen phase 2, protein 5-alpha reductase. Clauderer Serum contains several plant molecules that are actively anti-androgenic. As a result, keratin growth proteins can act without DHT hindering their development, and hair growth is regulated.

Stimulates the TERC protein in anagen phase 3. Consequence: premature ageing of the follicle is prevented. The proliferation of keratin-producing cells is optimised, strengthening the anchoring of the hair in the follicle and maintaining its growth.

INHIBE in the catagen phase, the "assassin" protein TGF-beta. As a result, growth stoppage is delayed and hair growth lasts longer.

STIMULATES the B-catenin and Shh proteins in the telogen phase. Consequence: the 2 proteins trigger a new start in the anagen phase, by sending signals from the papilla to the hair follicle stem cells. These cells, which had been in an abnormally long state of biological inactivity, are awakened and ready to start a new shoot. In scientific terms, this is known as "breaking the dormancy". This is one of the five (and by no means the least) essential properties of Clauderer Serums. In an androgenetic follicle, the impact of androgens tends to prolong the telogen phase for longer and longer.

Are you suffering from hair loss? To benefit from Clauderer Serums, which are able to reawaken the stem cells in your hair follicles and restart the entire circuit that produces new hair growth, have the following treatments carried out an in-depth diagnosis of your hair with analysis of their roots and keratin.

How will Serum 6R and 7R transform my diseased hair into healthy hair?


Sick hair-healthy hair

The answer is simple: let yourself be guided by the diagrams opposite and you'll easily understand how the Clauderer Method will restore your hair's ability to grow normally and produce new growth.

LEFT DIAGRAM: This is what a hair follicle looks like when its renewal cycle is disrupted. The hair is surrounded by impurities that suffocate the root and restrict its development. The papilla of the follicle sends negative messages to the stem cells. These cells find it increasingly difficult to convert into hair-producing cells in the keratinisation zone. The hair becomes thinner and will fall out prematurely.

RIGHT SCHEME: The connection between stem cells and the keratinisation zone (blue arrows) works perfectly, the follicle is clean, grows regularly and has a normal lifespan. The Clauderer Method regenerates diseased hair in 2 successive, complementary and essential stages:

  • First, use Clauderer Cleansing Milk to thoroughly cleanse the hair follicle and rid it of the impurities that clump around the hair root.
  • Once cleansed, the follicle then benefits fully from the active ingredients in Clauderer Serums n°6R or n°7R. These reactivate stem cells, inhibit negative factors and stimulate those necessary for growth.

Summary diagrams of hair proteins

Here are two diagrams showing the proteins that govern your hair cycles. The first shows the negative impact of DHT (androgens) on the proteins that are supposed to renew your hair. The second, on the other hand, illustrates the renewal of your hair by Clauderer Serum, which neutralises the destructive messages of DHT at each phase of a cycle.




Positive cycle with serum

Conclusion: if you think you are suffering from androgenetic hair loss and would like to benefit from a basic treatment with Clauderer Serums no. 6R or no. 7R, first an In-depth diagnosis of your hair carried out with analysis of their roots and keratin.


Complementary actions of a Clauderer Milk and a Clauderer Serum on the roots of your hair:

Jean-François Cabos

Jean-François Cabos is the creator of a unique hair care method based on the research he coordinated, which led to the publication of the book "Cheveux, Racines de Vie" with Hélène Clauderer by Robert Laffont (Collection "Réponses/ Santé").

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