Hair colouring and hair loss

Can colours applied to hair lead to hair loss?
The answer is NO. And here's why: colouring products are only applied to the length of the hair, they don't penetrate below the scalp, where the hair's reproductive cells are located. So they can't trigger hair loss.

However, if you colour your hair incorrectly, leave it on too long or colour it too often, it can cause serious damage to your keratin. Hair can then become brittle and fall out in strands, at all lengths, sometimes even flush with the scalp. In this sense, we can talk about "false" hair loss.

But rest assured, this loss is only temporary, insofar as it is not due to defective roots. The hair that follows the broken hair will bear no trace of past damage. Provided, of course, that you don't continue to persecute your keratin with inappropriate treatments.

In conclusion, if your hair is falling out too much and chronically, this is not due to your colouring but to other factors: hormonal, deficiency, medication, etc. We can help you identify these factors with an in-depth diagnosis of your hair.

Jean-François Cabos

Jean-François Cabos is the creator of a unique hair care method based on the research he coordinated, which led to the publication of the book "Cheveux, Racines de Vie" with Hélène Clauderer by Robert Laffont (Collection "Réponses/ Santé").

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