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  • Androgenetic hair loss in women

    Androgenetic hair loss in women

    WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW In women, 90%* of hair loss is due to androgen hormones. There are four criteria that can tell you whether you are suffering from this type of hair loss, known as "androgenetic" or "androgenic" hair loss.
  • Essential foods for healthy hair

    Essential foods for healthy hair

    On your table, here's why the right diet for combating hair loss includes a sufficient intake of: 1° PROTEINS Their role It's vital: proteins contain the two sulphur-containing amino acids, methionine and cysteine,...
  • Diet and hair loss

    Diet and hair loss

    YOUR HAIR AND THE GLYCEMIC INDEX Eat as few foods rich in refined sugars with a high glycaemic index (GI) as possible. This applies primarily to sugars, cereal products and starchy foods that have been industrially processed (or...
  • Cholesterol and hair loss

    Cholesterol and hair loss

    WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CHOLESTEROL AND HAIR LOSS It all started with a somewhat surprising clinical finding: men at risk of cardiovascular disease often also suffer from hair loss. In 1982,...
  • Seasonal hair loss in spring

    Seasonal hair loss in spring

    In spring, stimulate your hair's regrowth to help you cope with early-season hair loss. At this time of year, it's essential to treat and rebalance your hair's three vital functions if you want to...
  • Seasonal hair loss in autumn

    Seasonal hair loss in autumn

    Like dead leaves, they come back every year between the end of August and the end of November! With a tailor-made Clauderer treatment, you can quickly regain your hair density.
  • Hair loss and puberty

    Hair loss and puberty

    WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW WHY DOES HAIR CHANGE AT PUBERTY? Hair changes from puberty onwards because from now on it will live and develop under the influence of male sex hormones (androgens) and male...
  • Stress and hair loss

    Stress and hair loss

    Can stress, which is said to be responsible for many ailments such as weight loss or gain, mood swings, sleep disorders, etc., also influence the life cycle of our hair and even accelerate hair loss? To find out...
  • Hair regrowth

    Hair regrowth

    "I'm losing my hair... it's thinning... it doesn't grow like it used to... How can I get my hair to grow back properly?" These complaints account for more than 95 % of the problems reported by our Clauderer customers. Whatever the cause of your hair loss...
  • How much hair can you lose every day?

    How much hair can you lose every day?

    WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT NORMAL DAILY HAIR LOSS Hair is constantly being renewed. It has a life cycle of just a few years. When one dies, another takes its place and causes it to fall out. It is therefore...