Washing your hair without damaging it

Clauderer Emulsions allow you to wash your hair while respecting its ecosystem.

  • Bottle of Clauderer No. 21 Shampoo, for gently cleansing fragile, fine hair

    Emulsion N°21

    Cleansing complex for fragile hair Respects the sensitivity of the scalp. Makes hair manageable and shiny.

  • Bottle of Clauderer Shampoo n°19, for gently washing dry, delicate hair

    Emulsion N°19

    Washing complex for very dry, delicate hair. Hair conditioner. Facilitates detangling and styling. Gives shine to...

  • Bottle of Clauderer No. 18 Shampoo, for gently washing fine hair

    Emulsion N°18

    Cleansing complex for fine hair. Gives volume, tone and light to hair. Makes detangling easier.

  • Bottle of Clauderer Shampoo n°19, for perfectly cleansing delicate hair

    Emulsion N°17

    Cleansing complex for delicate hair. Gently cleanses and purifies hair. Leaves hair shiny and light.